A Public Insurance Adjuster, for compensation, acts on behalf of an insured “you” in negotiating the claim or claims for damage under any insurance policy covering real or personal property. A Public Insurance Adjuster, for compensation, advises, investigates, adjusts, settles, and assists you in the handling of your claim to be presented to the insurance company.

Your insurance company will tell you that a Public Adjuster is going to cost you, and, all things considered, they may be right. We are sure they did not tell you that the Insurance Company’s Adjuster will probably cost you, and cost you more than a Public Insurance Adjuster.

Alan White & Associates’ track record to date averages 30% more dollars than the insurance company. The math is simple. We will cost you 10% on a standard homeowners claim that we start from the beginning. Our experience has shown that the insurance company will likely cost you 30%. The math says you could expect about a 20% net gain or more by using Alan White & Associates.

The advantages of having an intermediary between you and the insurance company are tremendous. You never have to worry about saying the wrong thing to the insurance company, a mistake that could cost you thousands, even tens of thousands of hard earned dollars. The mission of any insurance adjuster working for any insurance company is to minimize and/or deny your claim.

Alan White & Associates is here to provide you this full protection of your rights and property. CDOI # 2772971

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