Commercial Insurance Claims

Alan White and Associates has a long history of providing professional commercial claim service. Commercial claims are time sensitive.

You know your business better than anyone, certainly better than the insurance company. Their mission: To assess your business in their favor, determine what it will take the insurance company to close its claim as fast as possible, while misinterpreting the policy of insurance and hope it can be denied.

For all the reasons above, it is important you call our experts for a free consultation before allowing the insurance company adjuster the opportunity to hurt your claim, and your business.

Alan White and Associates has all the tools and resources to see your commercial claim to the end, with maximum results. Our services vary from claim to claim, your business model, the type of damage and loss, your specific needs.

Our experts will review your policy with you; interpret the appropriate coverage's that surround your loss, your options, and strategies.

Your insurance claim is a business transaction, you will want to come out of this claim process without suffering any more loss than you already have, with the goal to restore your business to preloss condition.


While we can never make any guarantees, your claim and our mission is to return you whole. Your success is our success.

E-mail me at  or call Alan White direct at 619-992-5375.